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And with you, Sun!

3D Character: the personification of the brand, with friendliness and simplicity.


First, her mission was born: to be the spokesperson for Astra , abusing her way of being: positive, optimistic and empowered!


Gradually, his physical characteristics and mannerisms were taking shape.


And, she came to life! But even before being released, it has already conquered the hearts of True Motion and became our baby with its beauty and personality!


So, proudly, with you: SOL! Astra's new sales promoter, a Capricorn with Scorpio rising, is here to shine!


SOL, created and produced in 3D by True Motion Studios , will be in the most varied pieces of Communication and Marketing at Astra. Website, social networks, videos, point of sale materials, gifts and other forms of relationship with employees, sales representatives, customers and consumers will be enhanced with the character. In addition, SOL represents an important step by Astra towards digital transformation.


May your light radiate to the four corners!!!


Perfeito para



Tudo pode ser reproduzido com a técnica 3D, gerando a melhor imagem, em qualquer ângulo e resolução. Mais realistas ou mais ilustrativos, o objetivo dos mockups é atingir a expectativa do Cliente, que poderá usar essa atrativa ferramenta para impulsionar suas ações e destacar a imagem de sua empresa e produto.

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