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Thales the Blue Boy

Embark with Tales and her friend Tetéia, on a journey of discovery and lots of fun.


Thales the Blue Boy


Tales is a baby who, for whatever reason, was born blue. But this small difference doesn't get in the way of his great friendship (unconventional) with Tetéia, a friendly green snake who only thinks about eating, eating and eating.


True Motion, HuLa Energy

and Raise Films

Year of manufacture:



Ricardo Romin, Shanu Mugaraj and Sabrina Bogado


Bhanu Prakash and Ricardo Romin


104 x 4'


3 - 7



Tales is a bit hyper active, loves discovering things, inventing and dreaming. Innocent and, at times, even a little disobedient, he is always excited and doing several things at the same time. We hardly find him idle, as his boundless imagination is his greatest motivation.


Tetéia is the “brain” of the duo. She is very strong and is always solving all the situations and troubles that Tales gets involved in. She loves to make a delicious snack, but gives up anything to take care of her little-great friend.

With a timeless narrative, the 3D animated series, "Tales, o Menino Azul", is an action comedy with 104 episodes of 4 minutes in its first season.

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