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Hey there, Meow!

3D mascot becomes Youtuber

Stories, trivia, jokes and lots of chat on a super Youtube channel!


All this presented by a yellow cat. That's right! Now the biggest hits on the internet (cat and youtuber) are united in a single personification: Zaelinho !

The initiative is from Zaeli, which bets on the internet as another support tool to strengthen its brand. 

Conceived and produced by True Motion Studios, the first seasons of the web series have 50 episodes made in 3D animation.

Join the coolest Youtuber of all time by subscribing to

Zaelinho's channel!

Zaelinho passed the year,

won a webhead outfit and started talking about one of his favorite superheroes.

This video was very "meow cool!!!"

click here  and have a good laugh with the most loved cat on Youtube.

Zaelinho woke up very sad and ashamed.

Watch the video and find out why he started his day with a box on his head.

"A meow and a bye!"

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