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Join Caiman and his friends as they explore their magical mangrove games!

preschool, 52  x 11'  -  Production:  True Motion Entertainment,  Brazil  -  Co-production: Illuminated Film Company,  UK  -  Direction and Production:  Iain Harvey and Ricardo Romin


Meet Caiman, a five-year-old crocodile who loves to explore unfamiliar places.

Who  wouldn't want to play with us

mangroves of Trickle End, a noisy, bubbling place right in front of your house?


With each new day, Caiman finds his play group at "Manny's Play Gym". The most wonderful thing is that it's not just for kids, everyone is welcome! You can go in there at any time and paint, sing, discover nature, hike, dance, or… well, do anything fun!


On his way to the academy, Caiman always stumbles upon an unusual object, which he places in his special “collector's bag”. Whatever precious item Caiman finds, you can be sure he will use it. who knows  new treasures will the tide bring today?

Caiman lives with his mother, father and older sister in a wooden house on the edge of exotic mangroves, where the river meets the sea. He has a lot of friends and neighbors in his village and there is always someone to have fun with or give Trickle End a little help.

From the sea to the treetops, Caiman explores his world with great enthusiasm and respect for the environment.


Caiman and his friends will show children the wonder that also surrounds them, every day, inviting them to be aware of how they should treat their own world and the people around them.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 6.49.59 PM.png

With a balance of bold colors and subtle textures, the entire universe of Caiman is inspired by finger paintings that children do in preschool, offering a sense of fun and spontaneity to the characters.

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